I am very excited working on a collaboration with creative souls like me.
So far, I have had two very successful collaborations in which Planina Ceramics fit perfectly with the product of another brand. I am proud and happy to have so many amazing people in my circles and don't hesitate to send me your ideas.

Whisper of Nature and Planina Incense dish

In a collaboration with a gorgeous girls from Whisper of Nature I made this beautiful dish for their incense cones. Each dish has an elevated place for a incense cone and a hole for an incense stick. The dish is made from a speckled clay and finished in a glossy white glaze which allows the speckles in the clay to show through. All dishes are handmade with slab building technique and carefully carved by hand to create a delicate floral design. 


Bijeli Glog candle and Planina mug

The candle is all natural; blended and poured at Bijeli Glog workspace, this candle is made of soy wax, an organic cotton wick, and the scent includes the essential oils of lavender and rosemary, all sourced here in Croatia. The candle is finished with flowers from owners garden. When the candle finishes, soak the cup in hot water and baking soda to lift the residual wax or any smoke marks and use as normal.


JouJou soaps and Planina soap dish

Every handmade soap needs a perfectly crafted soap dish. So this collaboration was a perfect match. All JouJou soaps are handmade by the cold process method, without the controversial palm oil, harmful chemicals and toxins.